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    11th’s at abc shop and riversong’s at one if the games shops
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    well, when i regenerated into my new form, the energy output was too high because this was my 18th regeneration which...
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  6. beelzebozo answered: Which one? I got my 2 10th Doctor ones through my shop and my 11th Doctor as a Xmas present
  7. tilther answered: I’ll be totally honest: they don’t sell any of these in Italy. No such shops where I live. Too bad D:
  8. katwaterflame answered: There’s a store called “GayMart” in Chicago that sells all sorts of things! That’s where I got my sonic screwdriver and my psychic paper! :)
  9. kingof0kay answered: I got the customizable one from ThinkGeek and the other ones from the TARDIS.
  10. yeahhthatryan answered: Amazon US
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  12. hummingbird-hooligan answered: Mah BF got me 10’s for Christmas :3 It’s brilliant
  13. rbgianfar answered: ABC shop in Aus:)
  14. baskervilleain answered: ThinkGeek
  15. macocoa-naeggnog answered: all 3 as gifts. One I know was bought at a Hot Topic, and the other 2 on the internet. Don’t know which site.
  16. babettesm answered: Forbidden Planet Comics and Books-a-Million
  17. tardisblue907 answered: Think Geek
  18. brodieman1000 answered: Got mine on Thinkgeek 2 years ago, I love it
  19. thejackofmusic answered: As this years Christmas gift
  20. door answered: World of Mirth (a toy store in Richmond, VA) has a nice little stock of Doctor Who items. Mine’s from there!
  21. eamon1916 answered: My daughter bought me 10’s sonic for my birthday one year…
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    This one is from my roommate for my birthday! :) And I got this in the Limited Edition Giftset. So great! :) Happy...
  23. dnangelkitty answered: Don’t have one… yet. =]
  24. distruction-machine answered: barnes and noble had the 3 sonic set on sale right after christmas!
  25. braxtoncomix answered: I got mine at Hastings. It was the 10th Sonic and was a pen. Decent price, $21. But then I got the 11th for Christmas. Even better!! =3
  26. thenerdkinginthenorth answered: Thinkgeek and Amazon
  27. edenor answered: ebay…
  28. making-excuses answered: Outland, a comic book store in Norway.
  29. zelda1997 answered: Christmas bc my brother is awesome!
  30. tanteiotaku answered: I got mine at an anime convention. Anime Weekend Atlanta,to be precise.
  31. oddrun answered: nexus (iceland)
  32. captainnumbnut answered: Tennant at the ABC shop (Australia), Smith at supernova, Mk3 will be constructed in my TARDIS?
  33. shit-hips answered: John Lewis sell build your own Sonic Screwdriver kits
  34. thatrandomnerdchick answered: I got it at Supanova, at the Popcultcha stand.